Gentle, personalised acupuncture treatments

Your treatments with us are always one-on-one with either Nicole or Trevor (the choice is yours), in a private room.  We only ever treat one patient at a time, ensuring you receive our full attention and the best quality care.

New patients are often pleasantly surprised at how relaxing acupuncture is.  We use gentle techniques to make our treatments more comfortable for you.


Your consultation

Here’s what to expect in your consultation:

1.  Questions

We take the time to discuss your health conditions.  Often the time we spend talking is just as important as your treatment.  We will ask about aspects of your health such as your sleep, energy levels, digestion, aches and pains, bowel and urination habits, emotional state, and for women there will be questions regarding the menstrual cycle.  At times we may ask questions which seem unrelated to your main complaint, but are important to complete your health picture.

Following Nicole or Trevor’s health assessment and treatment, a treatment plan will be suggested for you which will suggest the approximate number and frequency of visits we think you’ll need to achieve your health goals.  Of course, you are under no obligation and we don’t do ‘packages’ or ‘contracts’ – you just make appointments as you go according to your needs.

2.  Observing the Tongue

We inspect the colour, shape, tongue coat and the moisture of the tongue. These qualities give us important information about a person’s internal health.

A healthy tongue is a fresh pink colour with a thin white coat. Variations in colour or coat indicate an imbalance in the body. For example, a thick white tongue coat is a sign of internal dampness, and a patient with such a tongue might have symptoms such as digestive problems or lethargy.

3.  Feeling the Pulse

We check your pulse at every treatment to monitor your progress. We feel your wrist pulse on both left and right sides. As your health improves, so too does your pulse.

Pulse diagnosis is important because, like tongue diagnosis, it provides very detailed information on the state of the internal organs and your general health status.  For example, a person with a ‘wiry’ pulse is often suffering stress, pain, or circulation blockages.

Once we have this information we are ready to make a diagnosis and commence your treatment.

Your treatment

The consultation will then be followed by an acupuncture treatment, and if required, your herbal prescription will be prepared.  You can usually expect to receive acupuncture at approximately 10 points on various locations on the body.  The needles are usually retained for 20 minutes and adjusted as required throughout the treatment.  Your comfort and privacy is monitored and maintained at all times.  We encourage you to relax and take some time out for yourself.

We will be finished within an hour and always run on or close to time, so you can arrange your working day or lunch hour with confidence.