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Fertility Support

At Sydney City Acupuncture we assist women who are attempting to conceive, either naturally or via IVF.

We offer individualised acupuncture treatments, as well as herbal therapy, to help you improve your chances of pregnancy.

We optimise your cycle, regulate your period and general health to maximise your fertility.  We offer advice and guidance to women who wish to make lifestyle modifications to advance their fertility.

We are passionate about helping women and couples achieve their dream of having a baby.

Book with us today and keep your fertility journey moving.


What to Expect with Us

Monitoring Your Progress

We maintain clear and open communication with our patients about their health and progress gained from treatments.  At our first consultation we establish specific fertility objectives together with you, and work in partnership to achieve these.  As progress is made we review and establish new objectives.

Most of our fertility patients complete our Fertility Charts, which involves tracking signs and symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle and monitoring body temperature.  Our patients bring these completed charts with them to their treatments, and after interpreting them we discuss the results together.  The information that these charts contain reflects some of the body’s internal hormonal processes.  The charts also allow us to easily monitor progress, by comparing data from consecutive cycles.

While we are primarily interested in the fertility data, we also place great importance on our patients’ sense of wellbeing.  Progress with fertility is often reflected in improved energy and vitality and less stress or anxiety.

Being Well-Informed

We find that many women are very interested to learn about the various aspects of their cycle and how they relate to conception.  Despite being very familiar with their own menstrual cycles, most women have limited understanding of the processes.  We encourage our patients to ask questions about their menstrual cycle, as being better informed about one’s own body leads to a better chance of conception.

In our experience most women are unaware of precisely when their fertile time occurs each month.  While they can vary significantly from woman to woman, there are signs and symptoms women can learn to identify which signal that the fertile window, as it is often called, has opened.  As this window is open for only a very short time each month, it is very important to be aware of when it occurs, as it allows couples to time intercourse appropriately.

Our patients learn about their fertile window and other important aspects of fertility as a matter of course during their treatments with us.

Our modern approach to Chinese Medicine

We pride ourselves on being modern-day health care practitioners using traditional techniques that help our patients to conceive.

We appreciate the benefits of Western medicine and the fundamental role that it plays in our society and health.

As contemporary Australian practitioners of Chinese medicine, we feel that our position is somewhat of a bridge, connecting modern medicine with traditional medicine, and allowing our patients to travel this path so that they benefit from the best of both worlds.  We believe that the two medical models (Western and Eastern) are complementary, and that an understanding and appreciation of both is a hallmark of quality health care.

Many of our patients have had or will have medical tests such as blood tests, ultrasounds or other procedures, and we actively encourage our patients to share this information with us, as it is often pertinent and useful.  Similarly, we refer patients to their GP’s for medical investigations when they are indicated.

When we suspect a more serious impediment to falling pregnant, we recommend our preferred IVF specialists, and work with these patients in an IVF acupuncture support role.

Just as we acknowledge the usefulness of western medicine, so too is the growing acknowledgment from western medical specialists for the benefits of traditional medicine.  We have increasing numbers of patients referred to us by their GP, gynaecologist or IVF specialist.  This commonly happens for patients who have ‘difficult’ cases in the eyes of western medicine, such as unexplained infertility, or irregular periods.  We very much welcome such cross-practice referrals, as it significantly improves health outcomes for patients.

Regardless of whether our patients seek assistance with falling pregnant naturally, or IVF acupuncture support, our aim is to improve fertility levels in order to increase the chances of a healthy conception.  We employ time-proven techniques alongside western medical knowledge to achieve this.

When the desired outcome is a healthy, bouncing baby, whether you use only traditional medicine, or a combination of both modern medicine and traditional medicine, does not matter.  It is simply arriving at this final destination that counts.