Fertility & Chinese Medicine

The Chinese Medicine approach to fertility treatment

Over the centuries Chinese Medicine has developed a thorough understanding of what constitutes a healthy menstrual cycle and optimum fertility.

Having a regular cycle of 28-30 days is a good sign but does not necessarily mean you are healthy and fertile.

There are a number of parameters that we consider when assessing your cycle.  These include:

1. cycle length and regularity

2. period length and heaviness of flow

3. bleeding or spotting at other times in the cycle

4. ovulation symptoms

5. type and quantity of cervical mucus

6. nature of period pain

7. pre-menstrual symptoms

8. basal body temperatures

Irregular cycles, irregular bleeding, pain, or lack of ovulation discharge highlight specific imbalances within the body.  These irregularities are barriers to conception, and require treatment.

Using the traditional methods of diagnosis (feeling the wrist pulses and looking at the tongue) we are able to identify fertility problems without the need for invasive tests and scans.  We can then provide gentle, safe and effective treatments that treat the cause of your fertility problems.  For example, if there is ‘Blood stasis’ (poor circulation of blood) in the uterus causing period pain and preventing conception, acupuncture and Chinese herbs restore the circulation of blood, which alleviates the period pain, thus enhancing fertility.  This is entirely different to the typical Western treatment for period pain, which involves taking pain medication or the contraceptive pill, which does not treat the cause of the pain and certainly does not improve fertility.

‘Blood stasis’ is just one common cause of compromised fertility that we see.  Other problems include weaknesses in specific organs, such as the liver, and excess heat or cold in the uterus.  Chinese medicine uses acupuncture points and herbs to effectively and safely treat all such imbalances.

Because Chinese medicine treats the underlying cause of fertility problems, it is not an instant fix like taking a pharmaceutical drug.  It takes time to improve blood circulation.  But what it does provide is the long-term solution – a body that is as well-balanced and healthy as possible, ready for conception.

And over the time it takes to restore balance to your body, whether that is in weeks or months, you will feel that it’s working.  Because fertility is an intrinsic part of health, our patients consistently report improved general health – better sleep and digestion, less stress, less pain, and of course, better cycles and periods.

Women’s health and fertility is one of Chinese medicine’s most notable specialties and has been practiced and refined for over 2,500 years.  This exceptionally long history has seen the development of a very powerful, yet very gentle, model of fertility treatment.