Making a Baby

Becoming pregnant naturally is a complex process that requires healthy eggs and sperm, a rich endometrium, and well-timed intercourse within the female partner’s fertile window.  The production of healthy sperm by the male partner and quality eggs by the female partner are essential, as is timely ovulation, clear fallopian tubes, a healthy uterine lining and the formation of the corpus luteum in the ovary at the site of the ovulated egg.

While both men and women can experience infertility, the fertility burden more commonly rests with the woman, and women more commonly present to our clinic than men.  However, when male factor infertility exists we always request to see the male partner as well.  Chinese medicine has a great deal to offer women and men to improve their fertility and increase a woman’s chances of pregnancy.

In addition, many male problems can often be circumnavigated by IVF techniques, whereas the female system, regardless of the IVF drugs or techniques utilised, must still be capable of supporting a fertilised embryo and carrying it to a full-term baby.  Hence the health of the woman is always of primary importance and receives most attention in preparation for pregnancy.

We inherit our constitution from our parents, from the moment of conception.  The healthier you are before you conceive, the better the chances you’ll make a healthy baby.