As our patient you will benefit from our years of experience, our clinical expertise, and our excellent reputation.



Initial appointment: $120 (please allow an hour)

Subsequent appointments: $110 (please allow 45 mins)

What’s included?

Our fees are all-inclusive and cover your consultation and acupuncture treatment, and any additional treatments which may be appropriate for your condition, including remedial massage, cupping, electroacupuncture, or moxibustion.

Your fee includes:

  • your consultation and case review
  • your acupuncture treatment
  • herbal consultation when appropriate
  • our complete attention – we only ever treat one patient at a time
  • access to Nicole or Trevor outside of your appointments via email or phone
  • consistency of care – with us you will see the same practitioner at each visit
  • fertility patients also receive a personalised fertility action plan
  • pain patients receive personalised advice on remedial stretches and exercises


Herbal medicine

Granules: standard one-week prescription $84 (cost may vary per prescription – see note below)

Capsules:  $45

NB: the cost of herbal medicine may vary slightly (up or down) depending on your dosage, the ingredients used, and the number of days your prescription covers.  We will let you know the final cost before we make up your prescription.  For more about our herbal medicine, please click here.


Do You Have Private Health Insurance?

We are registered with all major Australian health funds and can process your rebate on the spot, meaning you only have to pay the remaining amount (the gap) at the end of your treatment. 

Rebate amounts do vary between funds and depend on your level of cover.  If you are covered for acupuncture  you may receive money back on the cost of your treatment (it is best to check with your fund for your exact rebate amount).  If you do not have private health cover the full fee is payable.

For more on health fund rebates, click here.


Payment options

We accept cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard and Visa, and offer electronic on-the-spot health fund rebates where applicable.  Fees are payable at the end of your treatment.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

In cases of repeated late cancellations and missed appointments the full fee will be charged to your account.